Year Six

Our team consists of: Mr Gallagher, Mrs Severs, Ms Dillon and Mrs Maclean.

Monday – Spelling test,
Reading records returned.
Tuesday – PE (kit needed)
English homework given out.
Maths homework due in.
Friday – Maths homework given out.
English homework due in.

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Curriculum Overview

Times Tables Rockstars

Primary School Wellbeing Booklet

Y6 English Home Learning Pack

Y6 Maths Home Learning Pack

Y6 Spanish Resources:

Y6 Spanish Booklet
Y6 Spanish Answer Booklet
Y6 Spanish Vocabulary Booklet

Please click here for a useful link to a website which reads children’s stories in Spanish and has the text in both languages too. It also has online Spanish lessons and is good for adults as well as little ones!

Y6 Weekly Task w/b 30.03.20:  Science , Maths , English

Spelling List Y6

Invisible Ink Activity!

Letter for children from Y6 staff – 16.04.20
Letter for children from Y6 staff – 22.05.20

Learning Project Week 1 (w/b 20.04.20)
Y6 Weekly Tasks w/b 20.04.20: English, Maths, Family Tree
Learning Project Week 2 (w/b 27.04.20)
Mini Project w/b 27.04.20
Learning Project Week 3 (w/b 04.05.20)
Y6 Weekly Task w/b 04.05.20
Learning Project Week 4 (w/b 11.05.20)
Y6 Weekly Task w/b 11.05.20
Learning Project Week 5 (w/b 18.05.20)
Y6 Weekly Task w/b 18.05.20
Learning Project Week 1 Summer (w/b 01.06.20)
Y6 Weekly Task Week 1 – Summer  w/b 01.06.20
Learning Project Week 2 Summer (w/b 08.06.20)
Y6 Weekly Task Week 2 w/b 08.06.20
Learning Project Week 3 Summer (w/b 15.06.20)
Y6 Weekly Task Week 3 w/b 15.06.20 –  Information & Task
Learning Project Week 4 Summer (w/b 22.06.20)
Y6 Weekly Task Week 4 w/b 22.06.20
Learning Project Week 5 Summer (w/b 29.06.20)
Y6 Weekly Task Week 5 w/b 29.06.20
Learning Project Week 6 Summer (w/b 06.07.20)
Y6 Weekly Task Week 6 w/b 06.07.20

Y6 Pentecost Activity
Y6 Reconciliation Activity
Y6 Universal Church Activity

Primary School Wellbeing Booklet
ROAR Back to School Support Booklet