Collective Worship Policy

Christ the King Church is now open for private prayer on Wednesdays 5-8pm and Sundays 9am-12 noon

Archdiocese of Liverpool – Prayer and Other Resources

Please click here to access prayer and other resources.  Resources include advice and support about mental health and how to talk to children about COVID-19. These can be found in the ‘Family Life’ and ‘Pastoral Care and Outreach’ sections.

Prayer activities families can use at home:

Emmaus – Seeing Jesus
Easter Meal
Simon – The Helper
The Cross – Sorry
Resurrection – Hope
Gethsemane – Afraid
Last Supper – Friends
The Trial – That’s not fair
Palm Sunday – Joy
Please Beads
Gratitude Jar
Empty Chair
Climbing Shoes
Be the Light
Cardboard Home
Help the Helpers
Get Well Soon
Keep Others Safe
Love > Fear
Keep Me Safe
Big Questions
Fizzy Forgiveness
Pray for the World
Letting Go
Be Still
Calm Jar