Send a Cow – SPB Supports Sustainability

We have been learning about sustainable development and how we can be global citizens.  During Lent, we will be raising money for Send a Cow.  The charity provides cows to families in Africa, visit for more details.  Our aim is to raise £650 to buy a cow; this will support many of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Friday 23rd February – Name the Cow

Thank you to all children who paid £1 to guess the name of the cow. This week we have raised £143 which means we now need £507 to buy a cow for a family in Africa.

Winners of the name a cow competition won a cow teddy and a milk chocolate hamper.

Friday 2nd March – Design a Cow Mascot

This week as part of our fund raising for Send a Cow, children have been designing their own cow mascots to raise awareness of sustainable development. We had 17 fantastic entries, thank you to all children that entered. We have raised another £17 and we now need £490 to buy a cow for a family in Africa. Rights Ambassadors voted for their favourite mascot. The results have been counted and verified. Congratulations to our winner Nancy Rowe in Reception.  Nancy’s cow ‘Gertie Goals’ will be display around school.

Friday 9th March – Buy a mini milk ice lolly

Thank you to all who bought an ice lolly to support SPB’s fund raising for Send a Cow.  We raised £120!

Friday 15th March – Mooovie Afternoon

 This week, each class had a ‘Moovie Afternoon’. We enjoyed watching a movie with popcorn and a drink. Thank you very much for all your donations, we have raised another £230! This means that so far we have raised £510 altogether! Wow! Our target is to raise £650 and with one more fund raising day next week, we are hoping to achieve our target and write a cheque out to Send a Cow.

Friday 23rd March – Let’s get moooving!

Today, children dressed in black and white as part of the final fundraising activity raising money for our chosen charity Send a Cow. It was also World Water Day yesterday so we took part in relay races on the yard in our year groups. Each year group ran approximately 3.7 miles between them on the running tracks. This helped the children to understand that this is the distance a child on average has to travel each day for drinking water. Goal 6 of the Sustainable Development Goals is to ensure access to water and sanitation for all. Article 24 of the Convention of the Rights of the Child states that all children have the right to clean water, nutritious food and sanitation.

 As you know, our target during Lent was to raise £650 to buy a cow for a family in Africa. Dairy cows are vital to rural farming families and the impact of a cow is life-changing! This half term, we have had five fundraising activities which were all thought of by the children. We had name the cow, design a cow mascot, mini milks for sale, a moovie afternoon and a black and white clothes day. Thank you for all your support and for your generous donations, we have raised a massive £770! Wow! Please click here to view our certificate.  This means we have enough money to buy a cow. The remaining money can provide a family with tools, vet kits and even goats and chickens. Cows and goats provide nutritious milk to help feed families. Together with sheep, chickens and rabbits they give mineral-rich manure to improve the soil and its crops.

 Visit to see where our money will go. This cow will make a huge difference to a family in Africa enabling them to access many of the Sustainable Development Goals.  

Please see some photographs below of our ‘Send a Cow’ activities!