Children’s Mental Health Week – Monday 3rd to Sunday 9th February 2020

Find Your Brave!

As part of Children’s Mental Health Week, children took part in activities that helped them to understand that we all have mental health and that a big part of being mentally healthy is being brave. We read about bravery in stories and watched film clips where we saw examples of different types of bravery. We know that it is good to ‘find our brave’ and tell someone we trust when we are feeling worried or upset. We know that finding our brave helps us to try new things, learn new skills and bounce back from mistakes or challenging times. We even had a go at designing our own brave cartoon character!
On the Thursday we all took part in Inside Out Day and wore an item of clothing inside out to remind us to think about how people might be feeling on the inside. We should be kind, treat others with respect and ask how they are feeling. Thank you to all of the parents who donated £1 on this day. We raised a total of £91.15 and this money will be sent to Place 2 Be, the children’s mental health charity which is behind Children’s Mental Health Week and offers vital support to children, young people and their families who are suffering with mental health issues. Thank you for your support this week and with our ongoing commitment to helping our children to be mentally healthy, resilient citizens of the future!