Bubbles For Bobby

In support of the ‘Slow Down for Bobby’ campaign, on Friday 11th March we sold ‘Bubbles for Bobby’ to raise money for The Bobby Colleran Trust. Bobby would have turned eight on Sunday 13th March.

We took this opportunity to raise awareness of safety and security around the school area and to remind parents and children of the importance of road safety. At the same time, during the fundraising day, we were pleased to keep Bobby’s memory alive. Our bubbles were sold in special bags, with the following poem, to remember Bobby;

All too soon, they’re up and gone,

Only memories linger on,
Like those who leave, into God’s care,
Once they’re gone, they’re everywhere.
Children were encouraged to take some time to watch their bubbles float into the sky.
Slow down, appreciate the moment.

Slow down for Bobby!

We raised an amazing £211 in support of The Bobby Colleran Trust.

Here is a message from Bobby’s family:

“Thank you for supporting our charity. Together we can make a difference and our school roads will be safe. Bobby’s brothers loved their bubbles.
Many Thanks.”